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Justine Hernandez

Justine Hernandez grew up in Yuba City, where she attended both Yuba City High School and Yuba Community College. After obtaining her Associates Degree in mathematics. Justine transferred to Sonoma State University where she earned her Bachelors of Science in Statistics. Throughout her early years in college, Justine worked as a server in a few ‘Mom & Pop’ restaurants. Though she enjoyed how fast-paced her serving job was, she strived for something more as her love for mathematics developed throughout her college career.

Additionally, Justine worked as a tutor for college-level Mathematics and Statistics. This is where she fell in love with both math and helping others. Justine hopes to marry her passion for numbers and for people, here at Montgomery Taylor Wealth Management. Hired as a receptionist initially, Justine quickly rose to the position of Bookkeeper.


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