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Putting your goals first.

When we sit down with you to talk about wealth management, we start by understanding who you are and what you value most. Oftentimes this exchange naturally shifts to identifying similar hobbies, showing off pictures of grandchildren or laughing about the family pet that has captured our hearts.


We recognize that the impact of our work extends far beyond our office, and it’s with this in mind that we purposefully pursue our work.

Our Story: The Guiding Purposes of Avior

Avior (Epsilon Carinae) is the third brightest star in Carina, the Keel of the Ship Argo, of which Canopus is King.

When World War II pilots scanned the night sky, their sights landed on Avior, one of the brightest stars in the universe. It was Avior that helped navigate their mission. It’s the same star that guided sailors safely to port, helped astronomers picture what the human eye couldn’t see, and set the course for countless voyagers dreaming of a new world.

When our firm launched in April 2011, our founding partners Kent Nelson, Dutch Van Denburg, and Britt Campbell sought that same guiding purpose. Our greatest responsibility is to serve clients to the best of our ability. Before the idea of being a fiduciary was popularized (or legislated), that set our direction as a firm. We craved the freedom to provide financial planning and investment services in full alignment with our client’s best interests, and we intentionally built a firm based on those values

And to this day, that is our Avior.

What is the true purpose of your wealth? What do you see in your future – and how do we know you’re on the right path? When we define your wealth’s purpose, we can help you navigate your financial journey through every season and storm of life.

Our firm is now well over 40 team members in several locations across the U.S. Our home office in Omaha, Nebraska quickly expanded to San Antonio, Texas, and Jacksonville, Florida. We continue to seek additional opportunities and locations to better serve more people as true fiduciaries.

No matter our location, we can all see that same Avior guiding our firm. It’s the belief that intentional planning – setting the purpose for your wealth – is what will set the course for you to live on purpose.

Finding Your Purpose with Avior

Many investors, maybe even yourself, have floundered without direction or purpose in their financial planning. We trust The Avior Navigator—our proprietary system for helping you plan with intention and live with purpose through every phase of your life. See what’s possible by talking with our team today.