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Our mission is to help you cultivate your brightest future, and we rely on our proprietary process — the Avior Team is here to help you get there.

Leadership Team

Britt Campbell

Managing Director

Scott Cavey, CFP®, AIF®

Director of Wealth Advisors

Jonathan Weintraub, CPA

Director of Tax & Accounting

Curt Smith, CFP®

Director of Strategic Growth

Kelli Mehrens

Chief Operating Officer

Eric Hamilton

Chief Compliance Officer

Andrea McMahon, CFA®

Senior Chief Investment Officer

Steve Esch, CFA®, CFP®

Co-Chief Investment Officer

John Morey, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

John Gerdes

Chief Technology Officer

Avior (Epsilon Carinae) is the third brightest star in Carina, the Keel of the Ship Argo, of which Canopus is King.

When World War II pilots scanned the night sky, their sights landed on Avior, one of the brightest stars in the universe. It was Avior that helped navigate their mission. It’s the same star that guided sailors safely to port, helped astronomers picture what the human eye couldn’t see, and set the course for countless voyagers dreaming of a new world.

At Avior, we are known for helping people clearly define the true purpose of their wealth so they can pursue their most purposeful life.

We deeply understand that caring for your wealth means so much more than managing money… it means caring for the future your wealth can create.

Our guiding purpose is building your plan with great intention, excellence, and care so we can help you achieve what matters most to you and those you love.

Furthermore, since the most effective financial plans are built with a clear outcome in mind, getting to know the purpose behind your wealth is important from a strategic standpoint as well.

When we get clear on what is truly meaningful to you, decisions become clear, strategy becomes streamlined and more effective, and taking action feels easier and more inspired.

But like many of our clients when they first come to us, perhaps you haven’t had the opportunity to really sit down with someone to define the true purpose behind your money and build a clear plan for the future, leaving you uncertain of what to work toward and how.

Maybe you have investments that feel aimless and disconnected from your goals, and you’re wondering if they’re truly making a positive impact on your overall financial plan or if they’re missing something important.

Whether you’re building your career, planning for your family’s future, preparing for retirement, or navigating complex financial decisions as a business owner or executive, you may have some important questions hanging in the air…

“Will I be ok in the event of a market downturn?” “Will my money last throughout retirement?” “Am I truly prepared to sell my business successfully?” “What happens if I’m no longer here? Will my family be taken care of?”

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